Health Savings

You already know the value of tax-free investments—they’re simply too good to pass up! So you’ll want to take a close look at the new Health Savings Accounts, now available at the First National Bank of Louisiana. 

An HSA is a tax sheltered savings account, similar to an IRA; a tax deferred nest egg which can be used, tax-free, for any qualifying medical or long term care expense. 

Unlike previous health savings plans, you do not lose your investment at the end of the year simply because you didn’t spend it. It rolls right over to your next year’s HSA, earning and accumulating, tax deferred, until you need it for medical expenses - or as retirement income. 

FNB offers HSA Accounts to provide maximum benefits and flexibility tailored specifically to you! To find out more make inquiries by clicking here or visit the FNB location nearest you. To apply for an HSA, click here for the application. 

Account Requirements:

  • $50 minimum deposit required to open account
  • $25 setup fee, due upon account opening
  • $3.00 monthly service fee if balance falls below $2,500.00
  • Deposits and withdrawals are limited to those set forth by IRS guidelines
  • Account fees are applicable on this account, such as Non-Sufficient funds ($23.00), Stop Payment fee ($23.00), and Temporary checks ($1.00 per book of 8)
  • A debit card and/or checks are available on this account.

Not everyone qualifies. See your tax representative and insurance provider to see if you qualify for an HSA.



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