24-hour banking is at your disposal with FNB's automated teller machines, conveniently located at all five of our banking locations. We are affiliated with the Pulse ATM network, which allows you to access your account right here at home and at more than 100,000 locations worldwide. As a customer of FNB, you are not charged for using any First National Bank or Rayne State Bank ATM*. However, you may be subject to user charges when using other bank's automated teller machines, generally a fee of $1 per transaction plus a handling fee charged by that particular bank, if any. A card replacement fee of $10 is assessed when replacing your card.
To report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card, please call 1-800-899-8001 immediately (24 hours a day).

*Please see the "Additional ATM Locations" page for details.

Carefree Overdraft Protection

FNB invites you to apply today for Carefree Overdraft Protection, a valuable service designed to protect your checking account from costly and embarrassing insufficient fund returned items. Carefree Overdraft Protection is a revolving credit line tied to your checking account; a line of credit which transfers funds to cover your overdrafts when necessary, thereby eliminating NSF charges or fees. An advance fee of $4 will be assessed per $100 along with interest on the unpaid balance. (Maximum fee $25) Payments are automatically deducted from your checking account at a rate of 8% of the outstanding balance or $20, whichever is greater.

Sweep Service

FNB also offers a Sweep Service, which is your authorized transfer of funds from one FNB account to another in the event of an overdraft. Sweep transfers take place in $100 increments; however, the last $50 will not be swept from the sweep account. You must maintain a balance exceeding this minimum amount to be eligible for Sweep Services. Sweep activity is limited, as required by law, if withdrawals are from an interest bearing account.



Service Fee


Service Fee

Research$20 hr. / $1 per copy
Fax-Outgoing$4 first page / $.25 each additional
Telephone Transfer$3.00 per item
Cashier's Check$5 each
Instant Statement$2 per request
International Wire$50 per wire
Statement Reconciliation$20 hr. / $1 per copy
Coupon Collection$10 per paying agent
Non-Sufficient Funds
(Paid or Returned Item)
$23 per item (applies to overdrafts created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means as applicable)
Notary Service$25 per notary signature (additional charge for document preparation; not available at all locations; all parties must be present and provide all documents needed for transaction)
Stop Payment$23 per item
Photocopy$.50 per page
Temporary Checks$1 per book
Wire TransferOutgoing - $15 per wire
Fax-Incoming$2.50 first 5 pages / $.25 each additional
ATM / Debit Card Replacement Fee$10 per card
Tax Levy$25 each
Collection Item$15 each



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