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Cash Management (Automated Service)
Businesses can enjoy the convenience of paying bills using the automated clearing house rather than by writing checks. Our Cash Management service allows you to bill your customers directly from their checking account on a regular basis, rather than waiting for a check. Businesses with payrolls can offer an additional benefit to their employees by allowing them to receive their pay directly into their checking or savings account, saving both you and your employees time and money! The service also allows businesses to perform wire transfers. Call or come by your nearest FNB location and speak to a Customer Service Representative today!

Merchant (Remote) Deposit Capture
It's like bringing the bank's teller window to your business!
Capture money orders, consumer checks, cashier's checks and commercial checks electronically with a secure, accountable check processing system. Merchant Deposit Capture is a one-stop solution that includes electronic payment processing, online reporting and risk management services. Receive Funds faster and eliminate the need to take checks to your bank. Offers speed, savings, convenience and security. Check with your local branch for more details.

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CD-ROM Statement Delivery

First National Bank is proud to present our new Commercial CD-ROM Statement Delivery. We offer a CD-ROM for $25 per month/statement period for up to 3 accounts per CD-ROM. For each additional account over the first 3, a monthly/statement period fee of $5.00 per account will be charged. Each CD-ROM will include your account statement, all items for that statement and complete deposit sets credited to your account within the statement period. First National Bank also offers an annual CD-ROM for $100. This CD-ROM would include all statements for the year, along with the items and deposit sets.

Credit Cards
As your financial institution, FNB offers a credit card that is right for you, including VISA and MasterCard Gold, Platinum Visa and the Flex Miles Card that rewards you with free airline tickets.

These cards are accepted worldwide at businesses, financial institutions and ATMs displaying the CIRRUS logo.

There's no easier way to apply. Just come by your nearest FNB location and complete an application. We'll quickly process your application so you can start using your card right away.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

In order to stay competitive in your business the acceptance of credit/debit card payments is essential. FNB offers merchant processing for our customers. Service charges are based on the activity and volume. Please see or contact a Customer Service Representative for individual pricing for your business.