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First National Bank of Louisiana's solid foundation was established in the 1920s on the strength and stability of the local community of Crowley, La. Since our inception, we have grown to hold over $277,000,000 in assets, ensuring personal service as the cornerstone of all we do. Although we still call the original Crowley Skyscraper home, we now include locations in Lafayette, Sulphur and Lake Charles. Our roots are simple—and we strive to provide the same personal touch on which our foundation was built.

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Timeline: Building a Solid Foundation

1920 – Construction begins

1924 – First National Bank of Crowley opens on April 1st in the building deemed the "highest skyscraper” between New Orleans and Houston. Mr. CJ Freeland is named the bank’s 1st Preside

1933 – Following the "Banking Holiday” of the Depression, FNB is the only bank in Acadia Parish to re-open. While other banks across the nation are closing, Mr. C.J. Freeland orders $250,000.00 in $1.00 bills to be stacked by the vault. As customers arrive to withdraw their money, the sight of the stacked green backs discourage them from withdrawing, securing the future of the community bank.

1950 – B.W. Freeland, Sr. is named the 2nd FNB President. A family tradition for the Freeland family continues with the second generation presidency.

1959 – David and Gerald Smith join FNB as Executive Vice President and Director respectively. The tradition of family service continues with the Smith brothers' leadership.

1966 – Richard Seale, age 36 joins FNB as one of the state’s youngest banking CEO’s. One year later, Seale is named 3rd President and CEO. 

1968 – After 48 years of ownership, the Freeland family sells the Crowley bank building to FNB. Following the sale, the bank goes through extensive renovations being the first bank in Crowley to have drive-in windows, night depository, and a time/temperature sign. 

1973 – Another first, FNB’s bookkeeping becomes 100% electronic.

1979 – Richard Seale is named Chairman of the Board

1984 – The first ATM machines in Acadia Parish are opened by FNB in 3 locations.

1989 – After 51 years of service to FNB, B.W. Freeland retires from the Board.

1994 – The bank holding company, Financial Corporation of Louisiana, is formed.

1995 – FNB opens a Lake Charles branch and establishes a 24-hour tellerphone line.

1996 – North Crowley Branch Opens

1998 – Another technological first, FNB introduces a web site and PC banking.

1998 – J. Randall Prather is named the bank’s 4th President and CEO.

2000 – Lafayette Branch Opens

2002 – Sulphur Branch Opens

2008 – FNB surpasses 200 million in Assets

2009 – Lake Charles renovates branch, doubling its size.