First TellerPhone Reference Guide

(800) 899-8001


Important Notice

Our 24/7 First TellerPhone system was updated with new features. Please listen carefully when you call as the menu options have changed.

First TellerPhone helps make your financial management easier and convenient. Obtain your checking and savings account balances, make loan payments, transfer funds, place stop payments and more.

The First TellerPhone systemís default is Touch Tone Press 2 to use Voice Response.

How to Use First Tellerphone

Dial: 1-800-899-8001

Follow the menu prompts

Enter your account number and PIN

In order to verify your identity, when you call in youíll need to enter your account number followed by your Personal Identification Number (PIN). To perform certain tasks you may be asked to enter your Social Security number for identity verification.

Quick Telephone Tips

Press 0 at any time to speak to a customer service representative.

Press 3 and the * key to return to the main menu.

Press the * key to return to the previous menu.

Press the # key to repeat an option.

Press 9 and the * key to enter a different account number.

To end your First TellerPhone call press 7 and the * key or simply hang up.



On checking, savings, CDís and loans

Account Balance Menu

Press 2 to access a different account

Account History

On checking, savings, CDís and loans

Account History Menu

Press 1 for same account

Press 1 for all transactions

Press 2 for all cleared checks

Press 3 for a list withdraws

Press 4 for a list of deposits

Press 5 for a list of debit card transactions

Press 6 to search by check #

Press 7 to search by amount

Press 2 for different account

Transfer Funds

Between accounts or make a loan payment

Transfer Funds Menu

Press 1 to transfer fund immediately

Press 2 to schedule future funds transfer

Press 3 to make a payment now

Press 4 to hear existing scheduled transfer

Press 5 to delete an existing transfer

Pending Transactions

A list of all pending ACH transactions

Stop Payments

A list of all stop payments

Stop Payments menu

Press 1 for check #

Press 2 for range of checks

Press 3 for Inquiry

Documents by E-Mail

FNB PERKS Representative

Card Services

ATM and Debit cards

Card services menu

Press 1 to activate a card


Additional Options




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