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Games of Acadiana - Saturday, August 20, 2011
   First National Bank and Rayne State Bank will co-sponsor one of the Win it in a Minute games during the Games of Acadiana, Saturday August 20th at the Cajundome / Convention Center.  The proceeds go to benefit The Miles Perret Cancer Center that services all of Acadiana.  Our game will be Movin' on Up. Come out and play for a good cause!

  Movin' on Up - moving a stack of cups one at a time - Player must hold a stack of blue cups with 1 red cup at the bottom. Player must move cups 1 at a time from the top to the bottom of the stack, trying to cycle the red cup back to the bottom of the stack.

For more information visit: HTTP://www.milesperretcenter.org/PageDisplay.asp?p1=15112


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