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Welcome to our NEW SITE! - Monday, June 29, 2009
Thanks for visiting our new website!

After several years with the design you've become accustomed to using, we decided it was time for a site that offers our customers more information availability, functionality, and visual appeal.

Customer Safety is always at the forefront of our values and especially so when it comes to your online experience with First National Bank. 

We will NEVER ask you for your NetTeller password or any account information without first being contacted by you first.

In addition, all First National Bank sites will read within your browser address bar as:


Third-party links available through any of the aforementioned sites are trusted partners of First National Bank such as:

NetTeller (netteller.com)
NetTeller registration (banksafe.com) 
Check ordering (deluxe-check-order.com)
Secure Messaging (zixcorp.com)

Typically you can confirm the security of these third-parties by their use of Secure HTTP when accessed, which is visible by the prefix "https://" in your browser address bar.

That being said, be sure to check out all the fresh features we have to offer such as the Locations page which includes interactive maps, Secure Messaging which will allow you safely transmit inquiries to our staff, News items such as this one, and improved loan Calculators.


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