Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege is a service that allows you to overdraw your account up to a disclosed limit for a $23 Overdraft Paid Item Fee per transactions paid into overdraft and covers checks, ACH, in-person withdrawals, bill pay and internet or telephone banking transactions.  We may not pay items under this service if you do not maintain your account in good standing by bringing it to a positive balance within every thirty-two day period for a minimum of 24 hours, if you default on any loan or obligation to FNB or if your account is subject to any legal or administrative order or levy. To extend your Overdraft Privilege to ATM and everyday debit card transactions, click here to complete the overdraft authorization form.  

FNB offers other ways to protect your account from overdrafts that may be less expensive than Overdraft Privilege.  For more information, click here.



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