Increase your earning power on debit card transactions with a FREE Reward Checking account from First National Bank. The more you use your MasterCard debit card on everyday purchases, the more you earn in cash rewards deposited straight into your account. Plus, Reward Checking gives customers cash back on foreign ATM fees.

Customers who plan to maintain a high balance have the option to sign up for Interest Counts, an account that rewards high-balance customers with an interest rate that increases with debit card transactions.

Coupled with paperless E-Statements, online banking and the FNB mobile app for Apple and Android, First National Bank and Reward Checking make it easier than ever to access your account. Anytime. Anywhere.

First National Bank offers three ways to reward yourself:

Reward period resets the 15th of each month on each account type.
* Minimum of 10 card transactions excluding ATM withdrawals to earn cash-back rewards. Reward paid on all qualifying transactions over $10, including the first 10 once 10 post to account during reward period.

** Up to $10/month if 10 debit card transactions in reward period.
Base rate for non-qualifying accounts; .20% added once 10 card transactions post to the account during reward period. 



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