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IRAs/Health Savings

Tax-deferred options for your future. 
FNB offers a variety of options to build tax-deferred savings through IRA accounts and tax-free savings with HSAs. Contact us today to discuss the best plan for your unique needs.


Plan for your future with IRAs. FNB offers both traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts along with the new Educational IRA.

Traditional IRA
Traditional IRA accounts  allow you to contribute earned income and defer taxes on contributions earnings until they are withdrawn.(1)
  • Contributions may be tax deferred.(2) Earnings are tax deferred until withdrawn (1)
  • Minimum opening deposit of $500.00
  • Available for individuals under 70 ½ years of age (Limits apply)
  • Regular retirement withdrawals may be made as early as age 59 ½ and must begin once a participant reaches 70 ½ (1)
  • Please note that withdrawals may be subject to IRS penalties. 
Roth IRA
A Roth IRA differs in that contributions are taxed going into the IRA, but no tax is paid on qualified withdrawals (1)
  • No taxes on the interest earned on the account (1)
  • Flexible terms to meet your needs
  • Minimum opening deposit of $500.00
  • Individuals with earned income subject to modified adjusted gross income limits
  • Contributions may be withdrawn at any time without taxation(1)(2)
  • Qualified withdrawals of earnings may be made without taxation after 5 years (1)
Tax treatment of your contributions vary widely between these options, as well as the tax consequence when you begin withdrawals. Please discuss your new or rollover IRA needs with a Customer Service Representative who can assist you in determining your eligibility for each account, and to help you select the IRA which best meets your retirement savings plan needs. In addition, you will be provided a disclosure statement reflecting terms, fees, and interest rates on your account.
(1) Important Note: Please consult your tax advisor regarding consequences for Individual Retirement Accounts contributions and withdrawals. 
(2) Must open account and all contributions must be made by the tax filing deadline(usually April 15). Deposits to the account are considered “current” year unless you indicate otherwise at time of deposit


You already know the value of tax-free investments—they’re simply too good to pass up! FNB offers HSA Accounts to provide maximum benefits and flexibility tailored specifically to you! 

An HSA is a tax-sheltered savings account, similar to an IRA; a tax-deferred nest egg which can be used, tax-free, for any qualifying medical or long term care expense. 

Unlike other health savings plans, you do not lose your investment at the end of the year simply because you didn’t spend it. It rolls right over to your next year’s HSA, earning and accumulating, tax deferred, until you need it for medical expenses - or as retirement income. 

Account Requirements:

  • $50 minimum deposit required to open account
  • $25 setup fee, due upon account opening
  • $3.00 monthly service fee if balance falls below $2,500.00
  • Deposits and withdrawals are limited to those set forth by IRS guidelines
  • Account fees are applicable on this account, such as Non-Sufficient funds ($26.00), Stop Payment fee ($26.00), and Temporary checks (per book of 24 at the current fee)
  • A debit card and/or checks are available on this account.
Not everyone qualifies. See your tax representative and insurance provider to see if you qualify for an HSA.
To find out more, contact us today or visit the FNB location nearest you



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